In Loving Memory Memorial Poems Keepsake
Photo Keepsake Poems In Memory Of Your Loved Ones

Our In Loving Memory Memorial Poems Photo Keepsakes are wonderful, heartfelt reminders of those that have gone on to Heaven. We try hope by offering you these poems that they bring just a tiny bit of comfort to the hole you now have in your heart.

 Our Dear Loved One in Heaven is a beautiful heartfelt poem, we wrote . This poem is only available from us and should you see it anywhere else we appreciate your reporting it to us.  The poem was originally written in memory of my father, however it is universal in gender and can be purchased as Dear Mom in Heaven, Dear Sister in Heaven, or Daughter, son, granddaughter, grandson, husband, wife, friend, or of course Dear Dad in Heaven as it was originally written. 

Our newest memorial poem is again universal in gender, although we especially like it for a husband or wife. Be sure and read it, It's simply titled In Loving memory of and the name you want it to be In Loving Memory of. Again this is one of many poems we wrote and should only be available from us.

 We also offer If Roses Grow In Heaven which is perfect for a deceased Mom, Grandmother, Daughter or Sister, and The If Tears Could Build A Stairway, another really loved poem conveying your thoughts about your loved one who has gone on to Heaven. As the title implies it talks about if Tears could build a stairway to Heaven, how you would go up and get them and bring them back.

We also offer the I'm Free Memorial poem.  Any of our In Loving Memory Memorial poems are available with or without a place to put a photo. Just simply let us know when you purchase whether you would lie your poem with or without  place to place your photo. We cut the circle and you simply tape your photo behind the circle for a beautiful finished effect.

Dear Mom & Dad In Heaven Photo Keepsake
Orig.: $9.95
Sale: $5.95
Orig.: $14.95
Sale: $12.95
I'm Free In Loving Memorial Photo Poem
Orig.: $8.00
Sale: $5.95
Orig.: $14.95
Sale: $12.95
Orig.: $15.00
Sale: $11.95
Letter from Heaven
Orig.: $7.95
Sale: $5.95
Her Smile (or His)
Orig.: $8.95
Sale: $7.95

We have a few other in loving memory poems not yet on the site, please email us if you don't see what you are looking for. We have poems for stillborn babies, and babies and children that lived just a little while. If you have written a poem about your loved one, we'll also make put it on one of beautiul prints and place a photo hole in it for you. Whether you choose one memorial poem or several we hope in some small way it manages to offer you just a tiny bit of comfort to ease the hole in your heart.


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